Short excerpt from "Emma and the Prince of Shadows"

Coming soon.

The long awaited sequel to Emma and the Minotaur.

He stood at the base of Marduk’s pyramid. The black obsidian before him was speckled but lifeless. The soft glow that emanated from some of the other graves, for that is what the hills were, was missing here entirely.

Shadow placed his hand against the crystal. It was smooth and cold. The chill spread over his palm and crawled along his arm like a multitude of unseen spiders trying to envelop and devour him. He couldn't move.

The gray speckles in the black crystal before him were swirling. He saw black clouds in a boiling firmament. Lightning danced between them as did the memory of thunder, distant but deafening. There was a war in the sky.

He surrendered to the vision. The chill took him and his mind entered the pyramid. Beyond the chaos of the battle, he heard something that wasn’t part of the memory. This was a sound beyond the crystal, present and urgent. Deep inside the pyramid, something was screaming. 

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