Where the hell have I been?! And where the hell am I going?!

This picture is an accurate depiction of my creative output for the past four years.

Okay, so it's just a picture of some dying plants I took because I thought "Hey, this looks mildly cool. I could use this for some internet-related purpose." The picture then sat on my phone for a while awaiting a purpose, its bits gathering e-rust. I couldn't think of anything so I just tossed it up there and started writing. It's been like 25 minutes since spewed a bit of nonsense onto the internet, anyway, so I'm starting to suffer slight withdrawal.

Nevertheless, I suppose the picture does kind of reflect my creative output of the last few years. Some plants dying in the sun. Too much sun, maybe. I haven't really been out in the sun that much. The shrivelled up, dying part does resemble my imagination and creativity. The plant part... Well, I like plants. Many of them taste good. I don't know what my imagination tastes like. Maybe some day, a very bored scientist will find out. I hope it's more zucchini-y or broccoli-y than onion-y. (I absolutely can't stand onions. They like to roll. And they taste bad).

I wrote the above yesterday. That's all I had. I have more now. I've decided to get right to the point. This will be new for for me.

So where have I been? After Emma and the Minotaur and it's resounding success (my mother bought like 2 copies and my dog chewed on a proof a little. He didn't like the taste very much. "I'd rather eat broccoli" were his exact barks. He does like broccoli though so I don't know what he meant. But I totally understand. Broccoli is delicious). So, after Emma the first one, I took a moment to enjoy its success (2 copies and a chewed up proof), I got to writing the promised sequel. It says so at the back of the first book: Coming soon: Emma and the Prince of Shadows. "Soon" has sort of come and gone.

(The book might actually say something else. I didn't bother checking. It's possible I didn't say "soon").

What happened next was entirely too predictable. There were bouts of depressing, on and off, but mostly on. It's a thing. I have that thing. I also somehow got a physics (and mathematics) degree during that time. Probably by miracle, by cheating, or by miraculous cheating.

So here I am now. Four years later, several different medications later, a physics degree later, and more counselling, later.

So what's next? Well, obviously, rainbows and sunshine and mental stability for sure. No doubt about it. How could it possibly be any different? Don't answer that.

Mindless optimism aside, the first thing on the menu is and update to Emma and the Minotaur. It needs some editing and a real cover. Those years ago, I had some actual artwork lined up but it fell through just before the deadline (back when I actually observed deadlines) so the book got stuck with whatever that thing is up there. I think it would very much benefit from editing and an actual cover. Basically, a second edition is coming.

There is also the matter of the long awaited (by my mother and my dog) sequel.


Emma and the Prince of Shadows.

The first chapter is massive. It is almost a self-contained story in itself. It will be freely available "soon" as Emma and the Prince of Shadows: Prelude or something to that effect. I'm excited about it. My mother thinks it's good. My dog thinks it's chewy.