A Song For A Dying Fire

Forgetful and cold it comes to kill,
A frigid wind without remorse,
Through countries warmly glowing it flies
And dark they turn and bitter,

In time the rhyme will cease to chime,
To please, to tease, turn ears with ease,
The words will die,
The song will cry,
When love’s embrace the cold winds raze.

Then hearts once glowing become dying embers,
Ghostly traces of a sun,
Robbed of warmth and hope,
In anger they lash out, themselves believed

A tendril, fragile, lasts a while,
A desire of fire untouched by ire.
A dying ember,
All they remember,
Of times when stars were shamed by hearts.

When piercing gales bite skin unguarded,
And vicious whirls threaten light with darkness,
Remember the song, the words,
The symphony that once was, the

A song so strong for long,
Holds fast to last long past
The death of flame,
A love now tame,
The blaze entire o’ lost passion’s pyre.

And so goes my plea through cold and desolation,
Come sing with me once more,
Rejoin our flames, our coupled sonnets,
Let us dance again, my love,
Catch fire.